Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Bestseller on eBay

Click here to Link to my auction for NASCAR Dollars on eBay
The auction is over--sorry. But if you are interested in obtaining my beautiful NASCAR dollars, contact me.

These NASCAR $$$ were used as celebration confetti in the winner's circle at the October 17, 1999 Race at Talladega Superspeedway. Dale Ernhardt, Sr. was the winner of that race.

At the time, my husband, Griff, was a photographer employed by NASCAR. He picked up as many of the dollars as he could, brought them home, and stored them. They are a really neat collectible. They are also in near-perfect condition.

In the auction ad is a picture of Griff with Dale, Sr. It was not taken on the day the dollars were collected, but the next race that Dale won. The picture in the ad is just a cropped portion from a group photo of Dale and other photographers who happened to be in the Winner's Circle that day. Mr. Earnhardt saw how hard these guys were working and jumped a fence, handed the trophy to my husband and said to the crowd, "Now you (meaning race officials and sponsors) take a picture of this!"

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