Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival

What to do? I want to attend the Festival, but I have no one to accompany me. My husband will only go to one film an event -- one. And that ONE is attended reluctantly on his part. Several years ago, I convinced him to attend the Denver Film Festival. I chose one film -- again, one. It was Yi Yi . The language used was Mandarin Chinese, so there were subtitles. Some scenes were in English. It was a decent film. I enjoyed it.

He did not. It was too long for his liking. Unfortunately, when the film came to an end, we were in a row with only one way out, and a Caucasian couple remained in their seat and was blocking my husband's quick exit option. The credits were running -- in Mandarin.

In a stage whisper, my "better half" says, "What are they doing? Reading the "effing" credits?"

The couple immediately got up and cleared out!

So that leaves him out of my artsy fartsy plans for attending the Sidewalk Film fest. He has not trusted my choices in films since Denver. What to do?

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Anonymous said...

Still trying to figure out the 84th different portal interface; I meant to post a comment, and I guess "THEY" pipelined it as an email. There... that's my comment; not really--LOVE YOUR VOICE!
Squidoo: So now that you've got it, what are you going to do with it? --a friendly barb directed only at the bloglords, thank you for your time; have I made the train late to Chicago?