Thursday, October 4, 2007

My List of 100 floating out here in Blogland

I have received many "chain" emails from friends lately which ask me(or six other friends) to list their "favorites". Sometimes it is fun to participate. Sometimes I just delete and go on to the next email. It just depends--I know that you know what I am talking about.

Well, I decided to make my own LIST right here on my Blog. Here is what I am currently thinking about, or what I currently "like". Read only if you are interested. Skim if you are slightly interested. Move on if you are not. I am just doing this for fun. After all, I don't think anyone really cares or even reads this blog.

1. My favorite state I have lived in is Colorado.

2. My favorite restaurant is Fox Valley.

3. My favorite item on the menu at Fox Valley is the Steak and Cake.

4. I love all my grandbabies. They are all favorites.

5. I like going to Pepper Place to buy Veggies, honey, grits, cookies from Culinard, and coffee.

6. I like going to Pepper Place to watch people and their dogs.

7. I like my church. I like Nooma on Wednesday evenings.

8. I like dark chocolate--especially the kind Debbie and Alex send at Christmas.

9. My favorite place to shop is Costco. In fact, I have been told that Alden (one of the above mentioned grands) usually asks, "Where is Gigi?"

10. I like the meat at Costco.

11. I like Whole Foods Market.

12. I like Apple--the stock! I bought it at $68.00.

13. I like MO -- the stock. It has been very good to me. Yes, I know it is a tobacco company; yes, that is where their profit comes from. BUT they pay a really good dividend. MO has spun off stock for Kraft that has done pretty well for me as well. At times I feel guilty about owning this stock, but I also feel guilty when I eat steak. I can just see the eyes of the cow. "eat mo chickin".

14. I love Meat Loaf. I just wish he still had the voice he used to have. Saw him on A&E and cried when I heard him sing "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad". I cried because Meat could not sing it like he did on the album. Cried because it is one of my favorite songs and he was butchering it.

15. Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

16. I love going to local theatre productions.

17. I love zydeco music and dance. It is my dream to be a really good dancer.

18. I love cajun music--it makes me smile.

19. I like vacations in Martha's Vineyard.

20. I like vacations in Gulf Shores, AL in October.

21. I like Hershey Kisses with Almonds.

22. I like sushi -- tempura rolls, please, just like the ones at Sushi Wave in Denver.

23. I love to dip my french fries in mayo.

24. I wish I lived in Homewood, AL. Sorry, Griff, but I do. It would be wonderful if Homewood was in Colorado.

25. I also wish I lived in Colorado -- Denver, Co. Springs, Evergreen, Dillon, Vail, Beaver Creek---

26. I like riding my bicycle. Can't do much of it in the South because: it is too hot; there are no bike paths; the red-neck factor (most try to run you off the road for laughs). It is getting better, but there is a long way to go.

27. I like talking to my friend Wes. He got a BFA from SMU but he is driving an 18 wheeler. That is not so bad. Driving one of those big rigs is an art form, isn't it? He is one of the best people I have ever met.

28. I miss my friend Alex E. I can be myself with her.

29. My favorite job ever was working in the Fiction Department in a Public Library.

30. My favorite book in the Bible is Genesis. Why? It is what my Thursday Morning Group is studying at present. I never knew that I had so many misconceptions about what is written there. Very interesting.

31. I wish I was artistic--well, talented. I always want to be better than I think I am. be continued...but I MUST say

100. I love, respect, admire, and like no one on this earth more than my husband, Griff. He is the most ethical and honest person I have ever known.

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