Monday, November 12, 2007

Kids say the darnedest things

Recently, my husband and I were babysitting our soon to be 4 year old granddaughter and grandson Bubbie who is almost two. Bubbie and I were outside enjoying the wonderful southern autumn. When I came inside to check on Babycakes and Grandpa, I found her alone in the den. When asked, "Where's Grandpa?", she replied, "He's on the pooter."

I looked towards the back of the den where the bathroom is located and nodded.

"I'm going back outside. Let me know if you need anything."


About thirty minutes later, I came back in. Again, I found Babycakes alone in the den. "Where is Grandpa?" "He's still on the pooter," was the reply.

I looked back towards the bathroom and saw that the door was open and the room was dark (no window, you see--or don't). I began to worry and went further into the den to check the bathroom--did Grandpa fall in? Did he pass out? As I got closer, I saw him sitting in the darkened passageway leading to the restroom--on the computer!

That passage is also used as an office. A nice private place to use a "pooter" and keep up with your emails.

Much funnier that "gizabo" (See "Words from my Daddy" in the archive).

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