Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Poem by James Michael Nally


When I see dawn - the sunrise on the mountain
I feel a peace that can't really be.
For that which I feel, I can't understand
and truth I can't begin to see.

The bitterness I felt when you left me is gone.
Inside I'm empty - yet free.
alone, I stand on the mountain - comes the dawn
and full peace come on the breeze.

My life begins again with the singing of the birds,
My soul sings anew.
I know that there's something worth more that all the words
I THOUGHT I heard from you.

Gray mists clothe the lonely valley far beneath.
Soft rays from the rising sun
Shed light on the glistening, wet, green heath ----
Sky and earth and I ------ are one.

Written in my 1966 Yearbook from Wagner HS, Clark AFB, PI.

The author is James Michael Nally.

Mike, where are you?

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Mickie said...

Found Mike! I won't tell you where he is, but he is alive, well, and still writing poetry.