Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Beginning of my blog

Well, today begins my blogging.

I have seen some really great ones on the 'net and have wondered what it is all about. Sooo here I go.

My husband and I have become addicted to audio books. First in the form of books on tape, then books on CD, and now books we have downloaded onto our SanDisk mp3 player. Our source is usually the public library, but occasionally we will buy one on eBay or at garage sales. Personally, the books on CD seem to work out the best, but the SanDisk is really great for travel because of its size.

Suggestions from me about mp3 players: I own Apple stock, but I did not buy an iPod. Why? After researching online until my eyes glazed over, I discovered that I could not download the free media from the library on one. This was very disappointing. I had to search some more on the Internet for options. CNet is a great place to do any research, by the way.

I narrowed my choices for players to the SanDisk e200 or the Creative Zen V. I ended up with the SanDisk Sansa e200 with 4g storage because Costco put it on sale. It has really been worth the money. I think I paid $130.00 in Dec. 2006. 4gigs is just the right size for us. I have recorded up to 6 full length books and have barely used up half the memory. Once one masters the instructions to download, it is a piece of cake. I use my Windows Media Player program to accomplish almost anything. The only problem I have is creating folders so the books are easy to find on the desktop and on the SanDisk.

One of the reasons we bought an mp3 is because we fly (in airplanes!) and it is easier to carry the player and not carry a player and the Cd's and tapes--duh!. However, we needed to replace the ear buds that came with the player with noise-cancelling headphones. Again, after much research, we purchased the JVC HANC100 Noise Cancelling Headphones from Amazon . We have been very pleased. I even use the headphones when on my treadmill. We bought them on Amazon. Best Price!

What are we listening to now? Stay tuned--will blog more later.