Friday, January 11, 2013

Why write on Squidoo--Part Two

As stated by me in the past, I write on Squidoo because the website is easy to use--most of the time! The staff at HQ are very savvy and are constantly making upgrades to the underlying structure of the site. Recently they converted the algorithm to accommodate the fact that most of the world now accesses the internet using a mobile phone or tablet. The changes HQ made were supposed to make the articles easier to read on these devices. Not being as knowledgeable as most in the way of the internet, I did not foresee this happening nor did the company let the community know about the changes. Here is an article about this change written by Paula Atwell (lakeerieartists) Squidoo's New Responsive Layout,
if you need more information.

As a result of this revision, one of my top ranked pages that had consistently been in the top 100 on Squidoo for over one year, suddenly took a hit and slid down (#127)  in the rankings almost over night. I visited this page of mine a few days ago and made some changes. I removed the code that made the font larger and I also took out a lot of css that put borders around the text. The very next day, my page was back in the top 100 (#52). That rise was quite literally an over night improvement.

I am now in the painstaking process of making similar changes to other lenses. I will continue to post my observations on changes in traffic to my articles. What does all that have to do with why I choose to do most of my writing on Squidoo? I write on Squidoo because I have found some level of success. I love the look of the pages after they are published and I still think it is the easiest website to pubish articles and earn a bit of money.

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Barbara Radisavljevic said...

You're fortunate to be in the top 100. I was there for a day once about three years ago. I do like writing on Squidoo, and I think it still has some of the most beautiful layouts. There are so many tools to be creative with! That's why I hope it stays around. Unlike some other sites, even if I back up my pages, it would be almost impossible to reconstruct them on another site.