Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Review This!

I was recently asked to contribute to a blog called "Review This!" The contributors to this page are all lensmasters (writers) on a site called Once one "joins" Squidoo, he/she can write articles about what interests them the most--what they are passionate about. The best part is, if your article rises in the rankings, you can earn money.

The process that keeps Squidoo in existence as a "free" website is one called "commerce". I write articles about all kinds of things from making repairs to real books to how to spray paint a plastic pot to look like new again. When one writes an article, he/she can find a product on or If a sale is made, then the author gets a percentage of the commission. What I have learned over the last 8 years of writing on is that the more traffic and sales to the site, the more money I can make! I am not getting rich (I have made more than $300 during one Christmas season, but never more than that. I have been pulling in about $100 a month for the last year or so.)

 I would like to invite anyone who reads this post to join Squidoo and start writing good articles. There are plenty of members on Squidoo who are there to help you. Join the "RocketSquids" (newbie writers who have less than 25 articles published on Squidoo). The templates are very easy to use and you will love hanging out there. All I ask is that you write about what you know and be honest with your opinions.

 Yes, you can promote yourself or items that you might sell. Just be ethical and truthful.

Well, back to "Review This!".  I am a contributor to this blog that promotes articles written on Squidoo. Usually, an article on Squidoo reviews or offers suggestions for products (as I said before). The more traffic Squids get, the better for the website.

 Click the badge below to get started on Squidoo:

  I'm an official Squidoo contributor


Anonymous said...

It is cold and couldy, once the sun comes out you will feel better!Don't give up something you enjoy! Susan

Mickie G said...

Today I actually got excited about a new article I had in the WIPs. Published it today. Thanks, Susan!