Sunday, January 30, 2011

Diet Tip # 2: Do Not Add Velveeta to Your Spaghetti Sauce

Do not add the southern basic, processed cheese food (aka: Velveeta) to any sauce if you want to loose weight.

It adds calories, fat and lots of salt (especially if salt is already an ingredient in your recipe) that is a diet killer.

My dad is famous for his spaghetti. When I was a child, he used to cook spaghetti for church fundraisers. I do not remember it being as salty way back then. It was that original spaghetti that made his recipe "famous". Today, he is famous for making the saltiest spaghetti. We all go in the kitchen to ask him to cut down on the salt in the recipe. He replies with a grin, "This is a one cook kitchen." We suspect that he then proceeds to add more salt. Our "Pop" is a hard-headed man who is now "famous" for not taking anyone's advice--especially if you are one of his children or are married to him.

Today, my husband and I are having corned beef and cabbage with him and Freda (my wonderfully patient step-mother who I am daily grateful to God for her marrying my widowed Daddy). I am sure that he will be putting an extra handful of salt in the recipe. Hopefully, he is out of Velveeta.

FYI: as of yesterday, I have lost 2 pounds. Only 8 more to go to meet the "Scale Back Alabama" goal.

(the image of the processed cheese unwrapped was found on the blog Red Ravine)

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