Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Diet Tip #1

This past week my husband and I signed up for the "Scale Back Alabama" weight loss program. We have a team of 4 and we are to lose 10 pounds each in 10 weeks. This is a doable thing. I have lost weight before using Weight Watchers and earned my "lifetime" pin. Time and food have not been kind since I earned my status with that diet program. I did learn a lot and I use the skills WW taught me. I just have a problem with portions.

In honor of joining the SBA, I am posting a diet tip. I will try to post new tips as I find them. Here is the first:

The little pieces at the bottom of a chip bag DO NOT have fewer calories.


KYLADYBUG2010 said...
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KYLADYBUG2010 said...

Love the diet tip and will be looking forward to more. Made me laugh and know that I need to join a group like SBA. Saw on tv some folks weighing in for their group. I will just eat my way North.