Friday, September 9, 2011

My own book Pivate Eye!

As I age gracefully, I find that I have trouble remembering stuff. That fact becomes the most aggravating to me when I am trying to find a book that I want to read or another book just like one I have read. Well, today while exploring my virtual world, I discovered a handy tool. It is the Book Sleuth from AbeBooks. This page in their "community" promises that it will help you find those books if you can remember the plot, the name of a character, or even what the front cover looks like. You just post what you can remember on the forum, and a member will probably know exactly what book/author you are looking for!

AbeBooks even gives you other Book Sleuthing Websites! With all that help, I am sure that I can find that mystery book with the long legged fly in the title!

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