Thursday, June 9, 2011

Growing Tomatoes In Containers - The Tasteful Garden

Growing Tomatoes In Containers - The Tasteful Garden

Great comprehensive article about growing vegetables in Containers. I must emphasize that you use a potting MIX and not potting SOIL in your containers. The mix is specially formulated for container gardening, the soil is just that, soil.

Has anyone tried worm casings? I must do that. I have seen them for sale at Pepper Place. I try to be as organic as I can, but sometimes one just has to use manufactured chemicals and fertilizers.

I do wish I had the land to grow really good vegetables. Fusarium wilt struck big time in my raised bed garden this summer and I lost two beautiful tomato plants almost over night. I just might stick to growing herbs and flowers from now on. With so many trips planned this year and the drought that has hit our area so soon this year, nurturing my veggies is almost a lost cause. It would be easier to go to the farmer's market and buy my produce.

In case you have to harvest your tomatoes before they ripen on the vine (like when the wilt strikes) I have assembled a few green tomato recipes. I have made the green tomato sauce and the casserole many times and have gotten rave reviews from friends and family.

Hope your life is going well today.

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