Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Candies that are Less Than 100 calories!

This information makes my day!

One Reese's Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs 1.2 oz has only 90 calories! I do not know why, but the egg shaped peanut butter cup just seems to taste better than a round peanut butter cup. This "Easter" candy has been around for a long time--this must be so because I remember the Bunny bringing them to my children who are now 33 and 30!

Another favorite candy found in Easter Baskets is not so easy on the diet; three Robin's Eggs are 100 calories. Three, not four, three.

5 Jordan Almonds are 90 calories. If you can eat all five without breaking a tooth, that is wonderful news for me. Five is better than three pieces. However, the Peanut Butter Egg is still looking like the best choice.

Whoa nelly, 6 Cadbury Mini Eggs are 95 calories! Now that is what I am talking about! These little eggs are so pretty I love having them around the house in pretty little bowls. I would enjoy that 95 calorie snack!

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