Wednesday, September 23, 2009

(Please note; This is a posting from another blog of mine, "Welcome to Gigi's House". I am going to close that blog, so in order not to totally zap the site and the work I posted there, I have transferred them to this one.)

top toys

Well, just wasted another entire morning working on my latest Squidoo article.

I am having just too much fun creating these pages.

So what did I write about? Toys for little boys! Particularly my three grandsons.

How does one spend so much time on these Squidoo pages? Well, I do LOTS of research. I try only to put top rated toys in my articles about playthings.

Go check it out: Top 12 Toys for Little Boys--Dozers, Trucks and More

While you are at it, visit Top Ride On Toys for Three Year Old Boys; Top Playhouses By Little Tikes

I am sure I will be adding at least one more page before Christmas! I have now learned that Babycakes, who will be 6 in December, is really interested in a "big wheel".

Guess I had better get to researching the options!

After all, I guess that is what this Grandma is good for!

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