Saturday, July 4, 2009

Alabama to Colorado: The Road Trip

Just returned from a ten day road trip.

My husband and I drove from Alabama to Colorado and back. Why drive and not fly? First of all, we like to listen to audio books and this long trip presented a perfect opportunity to expand our "have listened to" list.

Second, we needed to take lots of stuff. One does not just carry on two fly fishing rods and waders and boots on a plane for free!

Third, we would need a car in Colorado that could go over dirt roads that might not be in the best of conditions. Renting an SUV is expensive.

Now that we are home, I will evaluate the costs involved and report the results in the future. It was a LONG trip--we spent three nights in motels going and three nights coming back. Also, we were both a bit "testy" toward the end of the trip. Next time, I might fly and send my hubby in the car.

I did take photos (on the iPhone) along the way so I could personally illustrate a planned lens (article) on Squidoo.

Stay tuned!

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