Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Adventures in Twitter


Twitter has been occupying my thoughts lately.

I am technically a nerd (terd) when it comes to Twitter. But, I am also extremely aware what Twits and IMs and such are doing to the world of the younger generation. Those innovations are making them more focused on the device in their hands and less aware of the world around them.

Surreal moment: At one point, the guy sitting closest to me was reading a blog post containing a photo of the guy sitting immediately behind him." -- Owen Thomas

I found the above quote in a post by Kevin Kelly.

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Sojourn said...

Had to stop by and say thanks for the tagfoot boost on my php lens! What a sweet thing to do! And I'm glad I found your blog as a result. Great tips. Totally agree with you on kids these days. Mine think "playing with their friends" means they each get on their own computer in their own house and go on the same website game together. That is not playing with your friends. And they live in the house behind us. Too strange! Sojourn :)