Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hey! I have two more Squidoo Lenses!

Have I ever been a busy gal! Have spent so much time on the computer that my husband is beginning to think I don't like him any more!

I am sure I am not the only Squidoo lensmaster who has this problem. Creating pages on this website is just too easy and too much fun. It is also addictive!

The first page was born from my passion for chocolate. It is a page that lists the days in each month that one can celebrate a kind of candy. Now, some candies are missing--like an M&M day, but that is NOT my fault. Days are created when a manufacturer asks for one. (There are instructions on the Squidoo lens on how to get a day).

You can find the candy lens here: Celebrate Your Favorite Candy

Below are two banners you can click to find some of the yummiest candies that can be found on the web!

Shop Today!

My other lens is one that might be called my "Valentine's Day" page. It is called Show Your Love

Visitors can submit websites, flickr photos, YouTube videos, and so on...that shows their love for someone or something. I have put some of my favorite links there as well. Go check it out and submit something--maybe your favorite poem?

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Seedplanter said...

Chocolate? Well, of course!
Isn't it one of the major food groups?