Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Best Ride-On Toys for 3 Year Old Boys PLUS The Best Affordable Playhouses

Created a Squidoo page about ride on construction toys I think my grandson and other little boys would Love! The Best Ride-On Toys for 3 Year Old Boys!

I spent an entire weekend researching the ratings and prices for these ride on toys. Keep checking back on that page as the prices seem to change daily! No Kidding!

I also created a page about the best Playhouses for the grandkids! Check them both out for some good ideas for Christmas presents from Santa!

Several of the items I saw at Costco. Their prices are wonderful and Grandparents are always shopping there! The toys frequently sell out! So the advice I give is: when you see it at Costco and you THINK you MIGHT want to buy it later, DON"T wait. Get it. You can always return it.

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