Monday, March 10, 2008

Does Babycakes need her own blog? Aisle'll Be Back!

Here is another Babycakes tale:

On a recent trip with my 4 yr.old granddaughter, I tossed a snack to her in the back seat. It was a pack of Thin Addictives cookies.

"Gigi, I love these cookies. Where did you get them?" "At my favorite store." "What is your favorite store, Gigi?" "Oh, you can guess it I bet!" "Costco!" "That's right!" "What aisle are they on?" The wheels are turning so loud in her head that I can hear them. "Are they on the aisle with the 'nola bars?"

Four years old and she already knows the aisles at Costco. Mom must spend as much time there and Gigi.

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