Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kids say the darnedest things, again!

My oldest grandchild is presently four years old. Every Wednesday I pick Babycakes up from Mother's Day Out and take her to a gymnastics class. After the class we spend some quality time together either getting a hot chocolate at Starbucks or a milkshake at some local fast-food emporium. Mostly, we go to Starbucks.

In addition to "shooting the breeze" with my precious grandchild, I have been teaching her the names of coins. She gets to keep what she learns (I use the Montessori "Three Period Lesson" method - "this is a__", "show me the__", "what is this"). All money goes in her wallet or piggy bank. She told me that her bank has a stopper in the belly so she can get money out when her wallet is empty.

"Gigi, it just pours out. I put it back in, but I get tired and Mommy has to finish." I told her that a long time ago, the piggy banks didn't have stoppers and asked if she could guess how someone got money out. "I don't know, Gigi." "Well," I said, "you take a hammer and break it." Babycakes replies, "What a waste! You shouldn't break something you love."

How true.

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